Pastor's Counselilng Policy

Counseling Policy

Counseling Policy

I believe it is very important before we begin our counseling process that you understand my policy and philosophy toward pastoral, Biblical counseling.  I am a pastor who will use the Word of God as my text, the Holy Spirit as my guide, and Jesus Christ as my model. I assume that almost every conflict in our lives is the result of a spiritual problem. While this may not always be the case, that will be our starting point. Because this is not licensed counseling, I will not be held liable for what may be understood as professional malpractice.  Please read the following and if you have any questions concerning this policy, please feel free to discuss them with me.

1. I am not a licensed, professional counselor.

2. There are no financial fees for pastoral counseling.

3. It is not my practice or purpose to counsel individuals or couples over an extended period of time.  If such counseling is needed, you will be referred to a licensed professional counselor. I will continue to touch base with you and your licensed counselor if you choose and give written permission to do so.

4. It is not my policy to counsel women alone.   There will always be another person present while counseling.   It may be that I will  refer you to a woman in our church who will assist you further. If you then want to continue to talk with me, the three of us will do so together. If your husband is willing and available, I will also continue the counseling with you with him present. 

5. It is also my policy to counsel children with their parents present, if at all possible. These sessions may include private talks combined with a time of talking with the parent in the room with us.

I have read the Pastor's Counseling Policy & agree to adhere to the terms. 

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